Home Security Tips You Should Consider this Holiday Season

home security tipsHomeowners often consider new approaches for decorating their homes and tend to forget about adding security features. Did you know that burglars are planning to strike this festive season? They are aware that you are in partying mode and are thus less concerned about the security of your home.

Therefore, what are some of the home security features you are considering to install in your home? To ensure you are aware of the home securing stuff that needs to be done right, we compiled the following home security tips. Consider these tips to ensure your home is always secure.

  1. Inspect the Doors

Statistics show that 34% of burglars stroll in through the front door. It is important that you secure the front door and all the house doors to avoid this from occurring. Start by inspecting the exterior doors. The things to focus on include ensuring that the front door has:

  • Strong door frames
  • The front door hinges are protected
  • Ensure that the mail slot can’t be used to unlock the door

You might want to make sure that the front door has deadbolt locks installed and that the door has the latest smart locks. In addition, another feature to consider for the front door is the video doorbell which helps you to avoid the risk of letting strangers in.

  1. Ensure the Windows are Locked When You Are Away and at Night

The windows are also another common entry point used by burglars. The manufacturers of windows are not very effective in offering break-proof windows. It is necessary that you consider beefing up your home security by upgrading the window locks. You might also want to install the key-operated window levels just to ensure your house is always secure. To ensure that your house windows remain burglar proof, you might consider the following:

  • Reinforce the glass using the window security film
  • Make use of the glass break sensors
  • Install the window bars
  • Ensure the bushes under the first-floor windows are trimmed.
  1. Light-up Your Outdoor Real Estate

Another important step you ought to consider is ensuring the landscape is light. Vandals and other criminals avoid well-lit compounds since they keep them in the spotlight. Through installing good outdoor lighting, you will effectively discourage these burglars. To ensure energy efficient outdoor lighting, you might want to consider the motion-activated lights. Also, the solar-powered lights are effective for ensuring your home is secure at night. A timer on the security lights is also another trick for ensuring your home is secure.

  1. How Secure is the Garage?

Another potential entry point that burglars will take advantage of is the garage. Burglars aren’t necessarily after making their way to your living room. They might also be after the valuables stored in the garage. As such, it is important that you ensure the garage is secure throughout. Lock all the garage doors through the exterior and the interior. The garage door should also be checked regularly by a qualified locksmith to ensure it is in the best state.

  1. How About Smart Security Systems?

Smart Home Security Solutions have proven to be extremely effective at securing homes and residences of all sizes. Through the use of modern technology, homeowners have some resourceful security systems to take advantage of. These include App controlled access systems, remote monitoring systems with a video option, and also advanced monitoring systems. While these systems are available at a price, they are definitely worth investing in. They ensure you have control of what is happening back at home while you are away.

Through the above home securing tips, you will be able to rest assured that your home is secure. Therefore, you will not fall victim to dangerous criminals. It is also important you ensure you are contacting a highly trained locksmith to handle your house door locks, the window, -and the garage. Quick Locksmith Los Angeles is a mobile service and can come to your location to provide professional residential locksmith services at reasonable prices you won’t find anywhere else.