Bike Lock and Key

Bike Lock and Key

A bicycle lock is a device which prevents bicycle theft. It’s an optimal locking method to secure your bicycle. Locking devices vary in size, weight and how portable they are. In no particular order, the most important factors before selecting a lock are portability, cost, and security. There are different kinds of locks to secure your bike properly, each having different competing aspects to them. Someone can easily steal the bicycle if it’s not locked properly or lacks any locking mechanism which may lead to bicycle theft.

Fortunately, riding a bicycle to go from one destination to another has many benefits. It is a fantastic way to stay fit, cost-efficient since it doesn’t require gas and is stress-free in general. However, the bicycles do not TiGr Mini Lockoffer high levels of security like a car or motorcycle would; they are vulnerable to theft when left exposed out in the open. This is because a bicycle neither has doors to protect the inner mechanisms and keep the intruder out like a car does nor does it need an ignition key to operate, so what should you do to keep your possessions safe? This is where selecting a sturdy and resilient lock comes into play. In the market, there are several types of bike lock and key available that have certain benefits and tradeoffs, and you can select them according to the following factors.

Sold Secure Rating

The Sold Secure Rating system is a measure of the security offered by locks; using this measure, you can easily decide what locks work best where. There are three tiers of grades in the system. First is the Gold rating that offers the highest level of protection. Next comes the Silver rating that compromises between cost and durability. And finally, the third one is Bronze that offers a low-level defense against the common robber. From this, we can determine that a lock with a Gold rating is the most preferred.

Size and Weight

A lock with a greater size means that it will have a greater diameter. This means that you can attach the lock to a variety of objects such as certain terrain, trees or poles. Unfortunately, it gives the vandal more space to work with so he can use stronger tools to damage the locks. Another factor that comes into play is the lock’s weight. A heavier lock typically means that it will have a stronger mechanism that is not so easily shattered. The tradeoff is that when transporting the heavier lock, you will have to apply additional effort to balance the bike. So a lock that offers a balance between both or focuses on one factor will give you the advantage of versatility in a specific situation.

Now that we have discussed some of the factors of selecting a lock, let us take a look at the types that are available.

Kryptonite U- LockU-Locks or D-Locks

A U-lock is regarded as the most popular lock available to cyclists. It is made up of hardened steel that is molded into a U or a D shape covered in rubber or plastic. This prevents the bike lock and key from rattling noises when riding and it is also painted to be resilient to oxidation. At the end of the U shape is a locking bar that closes the gap. And it has a strong lock that is opened with a key. The weight and length vary according to your budget and some D-locks have features such as two locks, one for the bar and one for the ends itself.

This lock can be used to tie the bicycle frame onto an immovable object to prevent the thief from moving it. Or, consequently, it can be used to lock in the wheels in one place. The bulky and heavy structure of the lock makes it incredibly harder to break apart. Even tools such as hacksaws, bolt cutters or even sledgehammers fall short. The locking mechanism itself is difficult to pick as the goal is to keep the space as minimal as possible. So the thief won’t have enough time to operate on the lock until he is spotted.

Chain Locks

A chain lock consists of a heavy steel chain that is covered by a sheath, protecting it from the elements. Additionally, the locking mechanism used in the padlock can Hiplockeither be number combination based or key based. Because the chain locks weigh so much and are durable, people prefer to use them for stationary purposes as it becomes hard to ride with them. However, the locks can easily be attached to immovable objects because their large diameter makes them more accessible in open spaces. They are also very useful in a high crime area as the steel is harder to break and resists tools such as pry bars or chisels, the chain is too tough to leverage.

Some chain locks are light enough to be portable, and their varying length offers you a wide array of options to attach your bike to. However, the drawback to this type of lock is that its chain is no more than 12 mm thick thus offering less security than a U-lock. So, as with every other type of lock, you have to select the best one according to the situation you are dealing with.

Cable LockCable Locks

Cable locks are made up of several braided wires banded together and are covered with a coating of rubber or plastic that has both parts of a lock at its ends, typically hinges. These locks can vary in thickness and the complexity of the locking mechanism depending on your budget. But cable locks are common and cost less than other types of locks. The cable lock with the higher number of braided wires tends to be the strongest.

Since the cost of this lock is so low you are basically compromising on security. Cable locks tend to be easily breached through inexpensive and simple hardware if the thief is given a short amount of time. Thus, it is highly advisable to use them in a low crime area or for short-term use. On the other hand, they can easily be carried around since they are so lightweight. This is because they have very little weight and interference.




The best models for 2017 are:

TiGr mini+ which is a primary lock and is lightweight

U lock which has a weight of 1.0lb and is available for 135$

Hiplock lite is a primary lock, Chain type lock, weighs 2.2lbs. Price= $65


Hexlox Secondary Lock

Hexlox is a secondary lock. It’s a bolt insert lock and weighs <0.02oz. Price= 60$

Foldylock Compact

Foldylock Compact is a compact primary lock, it’s foldable, weighs 2.2lb. Price= $85


Fahgeddaboutit mini

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is a primary U-lock and the most secure on this list; it weighs 1.4lb and is available for $120.