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What are Rekeying Services?

You may have never heard of what Rekeying is, so let’s review. Rekeying is when a Locksmith changes the internal configurations of a lock so that the old key will no longer fit. It is useful if the owner suspects that other people had access to the lock.

How to Rekey
First and foremost, you should consult Rekey Los Angeles before attempting any lock procedure just to be sure. That said, the process is relatively simple. Rekeying involves changing the tumbler wafer configuration of the lock so that the new key will function while the old one will not.

Surprisingly, rekeying is actually done without replacing the entire lock. In contrast, our experienced technicians at Quick Locksmith Los Angeles can Rekey your lock with ease. Just give us a call and we can make an appointment for you.

Who Rekeys?Rekey Los Angeles

Who rekeys their locks in Los Angeles, you may ask? Here are the major candidates.

  • If you move into a new apartment you may want to rekey your door to avoid the old tenant from popping in.
  • If you lost your key or somebody stole it, you should rekey your home.
  • You double your danger if you lose them at night

For Rekey Locksmith Services in Los Angeles

Why Rekeying Services?
Most people will want to just change the lock altogether if it breaks down rather than fix it. However, actually keeping the lock and fixing it reaps several rewards.

First, you get to keep the style and size of the original lock. Second, getting the lock fixed may actually save you more money rather than tossing it. Compare getting the lock rekeyed at $40 as opposed to discarding it and getting a new lock such as a Smart Lock that goes anywhere from $15 to $150 these days. So if you’re living in a new home and want good quality, you may benefit from Rekeying Services Los Angeles.

24 Hours Rekey ServicesWe Rekey For You

Now that you know what Rekeying is, you can make a more informed decision on whether this service is for you or not. Once again, it is very useful if you have lost your keys or if the owner suspects that someone else has access to the lock.

Because the last thing you want is someone breaking into your house or apartment a few days or weeks after you lost your keys in the yard.

In any event, rekeying becomes very necessary when any of these things happen in real life. Give Quick Locksmith Los Angeles a call at (323)450-2141 and we can send someone out the same day. We have a 15 minute response time and offer a free quote on arrival.

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