Problems which may occur during a Lock Out

Losing your keys or locking yourself out of your home can be a dreadful experience, and could potentially put you in a dangerous situation, especially out here in Los Angeles! Let’s think of a scenario that could happen, imagine a situation where your busy and your thoughts are in 20 different places, and you end up locked out of your home, car, etc. You are then put in the situation where you need to seek refuge at a neighbor’s house, or even worse, you’re out shopping, or with friends having fun, then when you get back to your car you realize that you left your keys in the ignition and your door is locked… just terrible! At times you can even end up locked out of places simply because of a malfunction with the machinery! People getting locked out of places are a very common thing in Los Angeles, especially all the updating of technology, security systems are being more advanced, and more keys are flooding the market.

Having a high-end technologically advanced security system could pose a huge problem if you were to be locked out! Generally the more advanced the system is, that harder it is to unlock it, makes sense right? Most homes can only be unlocked with 1 key, the one that is tailored to the locks. A basic doorknob has a cylinder which runs inside of it, inside that cylinder there is a mechanism called the tang, the tang is what prevents a door from opening when it is locked.

There are several types of locks, all of which generally have different methods of being opened. Locks that actually fit inside the door are called mortise locks, they are unlike regular doorknob, and cylindrical locks because they require a section of the door to gauge out with a device called a router, in which a lock knob and hardware are required. The mortise lock also has a bolt chamber which requires a latch and handle system or sliding bolt mechanism in order to work properly.

Automobiles have a different type of locking system which is usually through actuator mechanisms underneath the key latch. Metal rods connect to that key latch not allowing the door to work from the outside unless it is unlocked with the correct car key. Reason being is because there is another metal rod which connects the key latch to the actual door handle switch.

In order to work, repair, or install any of these mechanisms, it requires specific tools in which most locksmiths have a basic knowledge on how to operate. Most people do not know enough about these tools, nonetheless how the locking mechanisms work, so it is a good idea to contact an emergency locksmith if ever in a lockout situation to avoid damaging the lock, which in turn could end up being potentially much more expensive. This is why the locksmith industry exists, lockouts are a common occurrence, especially in Los Angeles, if you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t panic, just stay calm, assess the situation, and your best bet is to contact a local locksmith. Locksmiths are professionals in dealing with such complicated situations, and can help you take care of the problem in no time.