Car security evolves over the years

Cars attract criminal minds

The popularity of cars is making them valuable assets, that can potentially catch the eye of criminals. They see a window of opportunity to make some quick cash, in any car.
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Getting their hands on one and passing it onto their connections in the infamous criminal underworld, no way of even getting your vehicle back.
The percentage of car thefts increased rapidly around the world with cars being parked by owners at various locations some more secure than others.

Deterring vehicle thefts

Car manufacturers had to come out with a strategy to address the situation.
They did this by bringing sophisticated technology into the car’s locking and ignition systems. Central locking, power door locks or electric door locks whatever one may call it, was the way that manufacturers could use to try and stop criminal acts. The criminals were not deterred they found their way around it and found ingenious ways to open car door locking systems and steal a car without much of a hassle.

Technology to keep criminals at bay

The story could not end there, the car manufacturers had to find an answer to deter the criminals because once they opened one door they were able to start the car using spurious keys and driving them away.
Car manufacturers then came out with a very bright idea, they contemplated that if they cannot stop the criminals from opening the car door they would prevent them from driving it away.

The resolution that car manufacturers had for the criminals was the “Transmitter / Responder” which they called the “Transponder”. The “transponder” key system in the automobile needed a message from the “Engine Control Unit” or ECU that the right factory programmed key was in the ignition, for it to start, if not the complete electrical and mechanical systems locked down and the automobile went nowhere.
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Taking the brunt of technology

Whilst the technology was innovative it had its negative side too.
We have many automobiles with the genuine owners, inserting the right key but unable to get their car moving, due to flaws in the technology.
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If your car is equipped with the transponder system it would not budge an inch till car key replacement Los Angeles come along and reprogram and or provide you on the spot assistance and get you on your way, so keeping our emergency 24 hour locksmith telephone number would hold you in good stead.