Q: I am planning on moving into a new home very soon, the locks seem to all be working properly, yet I don’t know who the past tenants were, should I have the locks re-keyed?
A: The answer to this question is YES, of course! There are dozens of reasons as to why this should be done, main reason is that you don’t know who was in your home before you, if they lost keys, if they have duplicate keys, or who has your keys in general. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Q: Why should I use a professional locksmith company to install new locks, rather than doing it myself?
A: Locksmiths are professionals at working with locks, with that comes an expertise in the field of locks, and knowledge of security. When it comes to protecting your valuables, I am sure that we can both agree anything worth having behind a lock, is worthy of being worked on by a professional, to ensure the lock is correctly installed, and good enough to protect your assets/loved ones/etc.

Q: Will Quick Locksmith be able to provide us with a specific time for an appointment?
A: Yes, here at Quick Locksmith we can provide you with a specific appointment time, you can even call in to make a same day appointment, and even call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services! Here at Quick Locksmith we value our customers, and their time; we pride ourselves in being punctual, courteous, and hardworking locksmith professionals.

Q: Why do I have to wiggle my keys sometimes in order to make the lock work, or turn?
A: Through time, just like an object that is meant to be used repeatedly, it becomes worn down, or ‘used’; same thing works with locks. Throughout time the pins in the lock cylinder could be worn out, or maybe even broken, the keys might have been duplicated several times causing additional pin wear, making the lock seem as if it is breaking.

Q: Why do locksmith seem to recommend expensive locks?
A: As experienced professional locksmiths, just like any other professional locksmith will tell your, we have come to find that you get for what you pay for. You can go the cheap route and get some ‘cookie cutter’, locks installed in your home, and your risking you safety, potentially can end up spending more money, and just wont have the same piece of mind. If you are recommended a more expensive lock, there is a reason for that. Higher priced locks come with higher quality materials, higher safety measures, better warranties. When it comes to the protection over the things that you value, I don’t think that you can put a price on that.

Q: Should I bother with high security locks, and other security systems to improve the safety of my home?
A: I think it is really up to you, and your situation. I think that if you live in an environment that is not the safest of places, and you have many valuables in your home, children, or simply want to have a piece of mind, then yes, I would most definitely recommend doing so. In any case, if you are the type of person that would just like to feel safe in the privacy of their home at all times then you cannot go wrong with having the best security available to you. Now if you live in a neighborhood far from anything remotely dangerous going on, I am sure you can decide for yourself whether it is necessary or not; even then, always good to have a piece of mind =)

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